“Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.”

Walt Whitman



Life is not black and white, that is why we find so many colours in nature. To acknowledge this is to see all the colours of the rainbow. To see the rainbow is to see beyond the horizon and to see beyond the horizon is to see/acknowledge the presence of other dimensions.

I am aware of these other dimensions and I can access information/messages meant for you via my clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance abilities, and being a natural empath I am just the channel that could help/assist you on your life path. It is my ‘calling’ to bring healing, light, divine guidance and peace to your soul.

Life should be full of wonder and magic. If you feel that these things are currently lacking or are not being fully realised then let us see what we can do to bring back the magic to your spirit, soul and to your life.

I would love to read for you as my life purpose is to bring clarity, guidance, specific messages/information, healing and light meant for you.

I work with a number of tarot decks, oracle and angel cards but these are usually used as an extra divination tool to enhance understanding of the messages that are delivered to me from spirit, the angels etc. I always work hard to get the answers or offer clarity to any questions/issues you may have. I am open, non-judgemental and here to help.


Here are what some of my customers are saying.
Sitting Fairy

S, Norfolk UK

"I've now had two readings from Rayani Ushini. I am going through some major changes in my life at the moment and needed some clarity about my situation....

I found Rayani to be empathic towards my current circumstances and she took the time to listen to what questions I wanted clarity on. I gained so much comfort and strength from my readings. The information I got helped me to prioritise what I needed to focus on in order to move forward, and be open to what the universe was going to be delivering in the coming months. Without my reading I'd have remained in a state of confusion and not been open to redirecting my focus on the positivity that is coming my way.

I have only recently had my second reading and am still waiting for what is coming to me to manifest, it was indicated this would be in the coming weeks. I was shocked during this reading that Rayani was able to describe my current situation so accurately!

After my first reading, a number of positive events happened in my life, as predicted by the reading. This is why I didn't hesitate to contact Rayani Ushini again for further clarity more recently when I again was faced with some uncertainty in my life.

I will definitely be using Rayani Ushini to check in again, just to help keep me focused on the most prosperous path. This is something we can forget to do when life gets too much. I thoroughly recommend Rayani Ushini to anyone."

Standing Fairy

J, London UK

"I had an amazing reading with Rayani. She made me feel relaxed and at ease. Her cheerful & down to earth approach was so refreshing. She came recommended at a point... where I felt indecisive about choices I had to make in life. She was able to provide clarity over my situation which helped to guide me into making decisions that turned out to be for the best.

Highly recommend having a reading with her."

Kneeling Fairy

A, London UK

"I was drawn to Rayani Ushini after experiencing life changing events. The guidance and clarity of what I received during my readings have stayed with me and have helped me to... focus my energies.

The readings are honest and hopeful. This was my first reading and I was immediately put at ease and felt I was in a safe, warm environment. Rayani Ushini’s intuition and ability to relay the messages from the cards is accurate and provided a beautiful experience. When names, letters, and colours came up in the reading there was always some strong significance behind them.

I would highly recommend Rayani Ushini. The insight, warmth and knowledge you are left with is something I believe everyone should experience."

Hugging Fairy

J, Czech Republic

"Fate often paves its own path, which can very often be influenced by one’s personal actions and decisions. Rayani is highly intuitive, has great insight in and out. She can advise... and guide you in the right direction. The readings are true, you always get good advice.

I felt joyful and happy for every new reading no matter what the news was…I’ll definitely be back."

Smiling Fairy

S, Leicester UK

"Rayani was very professional, calm and answered all my questions which help put my mind at ease. She gave me the insights I was looking for and will definitely... recommend her to friends and family."

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